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Child Safety On The Internet

Minor children who use the Internet without supervision may be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing information and images. They may also be the targets of crime and exploitation. The responsibility for discussing use of the Internet in relation to family values and boundaries resides with the child's parent or guardian. As with other Library resources, supervision or restriction of a child's access to the Internet remains the responsibility of a parent or guardian.

Parents may want to visit the following websites for tips on how to reduce the risks for their children:

  • The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children Child Safety on the Information Highway and Teen Safety on the Information Highway, brochures found in Education and Resources section, provide valuable information to help parents reduce the online risks for their children.

  • GetNetWise Site Provides a guide to online safety, a glossary of Internet terms, a directory of online safety tools, directions for reporting online trouble and recommended sites for children created by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations.

In order to support parents and guardians in their efforts to guide their children's use of the Internet the Library also offers Internet classes and lists of resources especially developed for parents and children. The Library's online catalog includes direct access by title and subject to many websites appropriate for children.

Adopted by the Kanawha County Public Library Board of Directors April 8, 1996,

Amended by the Kanawha County Public Library Board of Directors on October 13, 1997; September 10, 2001; and August 10, 2009.

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