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Procedures For Use Of Electronic Resources

Use of a workstation is governed by the keystone of Patron Behavior: "Respect for the rights of other library users shall prevail at all times."

Express workstations are intended for quick use, are limited to 10 minutes, and no sign up is necessary.

Two persons only per workstation.

Printing cost is 20 cents per page. Patrons are responsible for paying for each page that is printed from the use of an electronic resource.

All sessions must be ended 15 minutes before the library/department is to close.

Workstations available in children's areas are governed by the Children's Department Supplement of the Code of Patron Behavior and may be used by adults assisting children in their electronic searching.

Patrons are encouraged to return to main starting screen when finished to ensure privacy.

If there are any questions about printing, equipment problems, or electronic resource use check with staff.

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Glasgow, Marmet, Nitro and Riverside Libraries

Use of workstation is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Non-express workstation time limits are available in 30-minute increments. Daily maximum use per person is determined by each location's supply and demand.

Before using a non-express workstation, please put your name on the daily sign up sheet including beginning and ending time.

After the completion of your initial 30-minute session on a non-express workstation, you may sign up for an additional 30 minutes if a workstation is available.

If all non-express workstations are in use, sign your name on the sign up sheet. When it is your turn to use the workstation please write in the beginning and ending time of new session.

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Main, Clendenin, Cross Lanes, Dunbar, Elk Valley, St. Albans and Sissonville Libraries

These libraries all use a PC Reservation System in order to provide a pleasant experience, a productive session and equal access to the Library's PCs for all patrons. This software helps with managing and scheduling sessions. Here's how it works:

  • Library cards are required. All West Virginia residents are eligible for a Kanawha County Library card. Users must have and use their own card, not those of family members or friends. Visitors from out of state can ask at the desk for assistance in signing up.
  • Library cardholders have four 30-minute sessions available to them each day.
  • Users must make a new reservation for each 30-minute PC session. Each computer automatically logs off after each 30-minute session. If no one is waiting for the computer you are using, you may reserve it for another 30 minutes. If others are waiting and have a reservation for the PC you are using, your second session may not follow immediately after your first.
  • Library cardholders may reserve a computer at a Reservation Station or at the circulation desk. If signing in at a Reservation Station, you will receive a printed receipt that lists the computer number, the session start time, and the confirmation number that is required when you log on.
  • When signing in, observe the areas that indicate the use you wish to make of the computer as different computers have different software.
  • Express PCs will be available for 10 minutes. No sign up or reservation is necessary. If you need a PC for longer than 10 minutes, you are encouraged to sign up for a regular 30-minute computer session.
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