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13. Non-Print Materials

As part of its purpose to serve the communication needs and interests of the whole community, Kanawha County Public Library will acquire a variety of non-print materials. In selecting these materials, the Library will collect the most significant, representative materials necessary to meet the informational, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community. In the broadest sense, the selection principles that govern non-print materials are similar to those that govern print materials; however, variations exist for each type of media. The general criteria that will be used for evaluation are:

  1. Purpose, scope, and audience
  2. Subject interest
  3. Authority/credibility of producer, distributor, director, performer; technical quality
  4. Comparison of other works in the same medium
  5. Historic value
  6. Physical durability of format
  7. Cost
  8. Current usefulness and public demand
  9. Space and storage considerations
  10. Size or length in running time of format
  11. Evaluation in critical review sources
  12. Appropriateness to subject matter and ease of use as in the case of microforms, etc.
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