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15. Reconsideration Of Library Materials/Suggestions For Addition To The Materials Collection

If a member of the community objects to the presence of a book or other type of material in the collection or wants to suggest an item to be added to the collection, that person must complete the form Reconsideration of Library Materials/Suggestion for Addition to the materials collection and return the completed form to the Library Director and the item in question, if it is in the materials collection, to the Library before any action can be taken. (See form procedures below)

During the reconsideration process, materials subject to examination will not be removed from use pending final action. This formal reconsideration request or suggestion for addition to the collection will then be considered by the Library's professional staff. After a decision is made by the Library Director regarding the request or suggestion, the patron will be sent a letter explaining this decision. If the patron is not satisfied with the decision made by the Library Director an appeal may be made in writing to the Kanawha County Public Library's Board of Directors within fourteen days after the patron receives the letter. The Library's Board of Directors is the final authority in determining whether a specific item should be added to the collection or if an item has been selected in accordance with the "Materials Selection Policy" of the Kanawha County Public Library.

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Procedures for Use of Form.

  1. Library patron states to library staff member his/her concern(s) about having a specific item or type of material in our collection or concern that a specific item is not in our collection.
  2. Library staff member thanks patron for his/her interest about materials in the collection. Staff member calls supervisor to handle situation. If supervisor is not available, staff member gives the materials selection packet to the patron, informing patron that he/she can make this concern known by completing the form included and mailing it to the Library Director (as indicated at the bottom of the last page of the form).
  3. Library staff members should express no opinion to the patron about whether the item in question should or should not be in the collection.
  4. Library Director receives completed form from the patron and requests a copy(s) of item and copies of professional reviews of the item. Library Director appoints three members of the professional staff to read and submit a written review of the item. Library Director sends letter to patron acknowledging receipt of reconsideration form and explaining the next step in the procedure, with copies to the Department Head and Branch or Unit Supervisor.
  5. Library Director reaches a decision based upon
    1. reviews of items(s) by professional staff members
    2. reviews from professional review journals
    3. criteria set forth in the Kanawha County Public Library's Materials Selection Statement
    4. principles stated in the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read statements
  6. Library Director sends a letter to the patron notifying patron of his/her decision. Copies of letter are sent to the Department Head and Branch or Unit Supervisor.
  7. If patron desires to appeal the Library Director's decision, the patron may request of the President of the Board of Directors in writing within 14 days of receipt of the Library Director's letter to appear before a select committee of the Board of Directors to present his/her request for reconsideration.
  8. The President of the Board of Directors, within 30 days of receipt of patron's written request to appeal the Library Director's decision concerning the inclusion of item(s) in the collection, will appoint a select committee to review the patron's request. The select committee will present its decision at the next regular Board of Director's meeting. The patron will be notified by certified letter of the Board's decision. The decision of the Board of Directors of the Kanawha County Public Library is final. 9/91
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