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And the winner is…

Jillian wins the $75 first prize with her pool-side interpretation of Othello Act 1 Scene 3. Austin's version of the same scene earns him second place and $50. Third place prize of $25 goes to Lissi's animated video of Act 3 Scene 4.

This video contest sponsored by Charleston Stage Company and Kanawha County Public Library challenged young filmmakers to update the Bard. All entries will be viewed at CSC's reception for Othello at West Virginia State University. Entries will also be on display at the KCPL Teen Zone booth at the West Virginia Book Festival on Oct. 22 and 23 at the Charleston Civic Center.

First Place: Jillian (Act 1 Scene 3)

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Jillian's video recreates Selection 1.

Second Place: Austin (Act 1 Scene 3)

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Austin chose to interpret Selection 1 for his entry in the contest.

Third Place: Lissi (Act 3 Scene 4)

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Lissi's animation draws its inspiration from Selection 3.

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Shakespeare Apprentice contest resources

Read, view, or listen to the many versions of Othello in KCPL's e-Library and use these books, CD's and Playaways to help you as you produce your video for the contest.

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Directing Theater 101

cover photo: Directing Theater 101 by Wilma Marcus Chandler 792.0233 C45d

10 steps to successful productions for new directors and regional theater companies

Shooting digital video : DVCAM, mini DV, and DVCPRO

cover photo: Shooting digital video : DVCAM, mini DV, and DVCPRO by Jon Fauer 778.59 F25s

Digital video is a revolutionary force in filmmaking today, and Shooting Digital Video provides a much-needed guide to selecting the right equipment for the job and using it to produce professional-level work. An excellent resource for those interested in shooting documentaries, news, shorts, home videos, corporate videos, or even low-budget features, Shooting Digital Video offers complete technological coverage - from editing to compression for the web. From acquiring and maintaining the necessary equipment to shooting and lighting your DV, this book will show both the professional and the amateur how to do it with style. written by a professional filmmaker and author of six other camera-related titles, this handbook offers the expert's view of this innovative process. Providing the necessary information and advice to make a masterful looking digital video, this text covers the practical, theoretical, and technical aspects of the process. Beyond an in-depth look at digital video cameras and equipment, some other topics covered are editing, DV to film transfers, image stabilization, transferring stills to computer, touching up your pictures, lenses and filters, audio and audio accessories, and suppliers. As an added value, the companion website features sample videos, freeware and shareware of editing and compression software, and other technical updates.

The young producer's video book : how to write, direct, and shoot your own video

cover photo: The young producer's video book : how to write, direct, and shoot your own video by Nancy Bentley J 791.45 BEN.N

This step-by-step guide makes it easy for kids to produce their own videos with instructions that cover research, idea development, casting, filming, directing, & editing. Presented in the "Young Author's Do-It-Yourself" format, this book also includes sample storyboards & camera worksheets.

A Student’s Guide to William Shakespeare

cover photo: A Student’s Guide to William Shakespeare by Walt Mittelstaedt 822.33 A3Mi

Examines the career of literary giant William Shakespeare, offering valuable insight for young readers

The Young Person's Guide to Shakespeare: With Performances on CD by the Royal Shakespeare Company

cover photo: The Young Person's Guide to Shakespeare: With Performances on CD by the Royal Shakespeare Company by Anita Ganeri J 822.33 GAN.A

Provides information about William Shakespeare's family life and work as a playwright and actor, summaries of his works, and details and challenges of staging Shakespearean productions. Includes a CD with performances from selected Shakespearean plays and sonnets by Britain's Royal Shakespeare Company.

The Best of Shakespeare

cover photo: The Best of Shakespeare by E. (Edith) Nesbit J 823 NES.E

Simplified prose retellings of Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Othello, The Tempest, King Lear, Macbeth, As You Like It, Twelfth Night, and The Winter's Tale.

search Novelist® K-8 Plus

Career Building through Podcasting

cover photo: Career Building through Podcasting by Sarah Sawyer 070.5797 S27c

If you've enjoyed making the web video for the Shakespeare Apprentice contest, learn how you use the same skills to earn a living with the this introduction to podcasting and how to make it a career.

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Shakespeare for Children

cover photo: Shakespeare for Children by Charles Lamb J LAM.C

A collection of ten tales by William Shakespeare.


cover photo: Othello by William Shakespeare & Charles Lamb 822.33 O7B

Let this book and CD set inspire you! Offers a general introduction to Shakespeare's play, the text of the play itself, a series of essays on "Othello" written by scholars, and an audio CD of various performers, including Paul Robeson and F. Scott Fitzgerald, reading selected scenes and speeches from the play.

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Shakespeare and Modern Culture

cover photo: Shakespeare and Modern Culture by Marjorie Garber 822.33 G21s

The author delves into 10 major plays by the Bard, examining their role in literature, performance, film, politics, theory, and popular culture. In Othello, she looks at the persistence of difference.

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Shakespeare's Advice to the Players

cover photo: Shakespeare's Advice to the Players by Peter Hall 792.028 H17s

From an expert to an aspiring actor: This book sets out to make going to Shakespeare performances or acting in them a richer experience. Shakespeare's text is packed with clues that help the reader to hear and the performer to act any speech. He also tells the actor when to go fast and when to go slow and when to accent a particular word. The author is one of the major figures in theatre today. To date he has directed over two hundred productions.

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Scene Selections

Selection 1: Iago and Roderigo (Act I Scene III)

Roderigo is suicidal and Iago is trying to convince him that he still has a chance of getting Desdemona. He says that he will help him but he needs payment to do so. Roderigo, by the end of the scene is convinced. Read the scene…

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Selection 2: Iago and Cassio (Act II Scene III)

Cassio has just disgraced himself in front of Othello and has been stripped of his office. Iago convinces him that in time he will regain Othello's favor. Iago suggests that the best way for Cassio to get back on Othello's good side is for Desdemona, Othello's wife, to plead for him on his behalf. Read the scene…

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Selection 3: Othello and Desdemona (Act III Scene IV)

Othello is incensed that Desdemona is unable to produce the handkerchief that he gave her as a wedding gift. He is infuriated even more as Desdemona persists in her suit to have him restore Cassio to favor. Read the scene…

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Selection 4: Emilia and Desdemona (Act IV Scene III)

As Emilia prepares Desdemona for bed the two women discuss the behavior of husbands, and if it is appropriate for wives to behave in the same way. Read the scene…

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