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Tips & Activities for Developing Preschooler Phonological Awareness

  • While reading a rhyming book, explain to your preschooler that certain words sound alike.

  • Sing favorite songs repeatedly throughout the day.

  • Read nursery rhymes repeatedly. Try acting out some favorite rhymes with stuffed animals, puppets or other props.

  • Provide musical instruments whether store-bought or homemade so that preschoolers will listen for the rhythm of words.

  • Play "I Spy" by looking at an object. Think of a rhyming word for that object and say something like "I Spy something that rhymes with pear." (You could be looking at their teddy bear.)

  • Replace the beginning sounds of words with another sound. For example, if your preschooler wants a "banana," you could say, "Did you want a fanana?" See if they correct your mistake.

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