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Helpful Websites

BBC Parenting Website
Get ideas for engaging your child in imaginary play.

Between the Lions
Based on the PBS program Between the Lions, this website contains a wealth of information and activities you can do with children to increase early literacy knowledge.

Get Ready to Read! From the National Center for Learning Disabilities
Learn more about early literacy and activities that you can do with your preschooler.

List of Recommended Websites from the Pennsylvania Center for the Book
Excellent list of literacy websites that will help promote Early Literacy.

Pennsylvania Center for the Book
Excellent website detailing ways for you to choose books, to increase your child's vocabulary and to make reading fun.

Preschool Express by Jean Warren
Download several activity ideas and reproducible patterns for use in schools or at home.

Preschool Learners
Free printable worksheets that will help develop your child's early literacy skills.

Rhyme a Week
Learn why nursery rhymes are so important and different activities that you can do to build phonological awareness.

Teaching Our Youngest : A Guide for Preschool Teachers and Child Care and Family Providers
This is an online version of a publication by the US Department of Education that describes some of the scientifically-based research conducted on learning in the early years and describes things that you can do to develop early literacy skills in preschoolers. This publication can be read online or it can be downloaded into a pdf file.

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