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Hot air balloon.

Fairy Tales
for Adults

Once upon a time, it was trendy to write down folk tales for adults. Later, these stories were rewritten for children. Today, authors are reclaiming fairy tales that are just for adults.


Climate Fiction

Climate Fiction

Stories focusing on the effects of a changing Earth have been around for some time, but the word, “Cli-Fi” wasn’t used to describe them until journalist Dan Bloom coined the term in 2008.


Crime Scene

Crime Scene
Fiction & Nonfiction

Splatter patterns, fiber samples, DNA testing, shell casings, plaster casts and meticulous autopsies are all part of the job for crime scene investigators.


Graduation Cap

New Adult

What do you read when you aren’t quite a teen anymore, but you don’t want to read about older people? Say hello to the New Adult genre focused on readers between 18 and 25 years old.


YouTube Logo

Rise of the YouTuber Genre

You loved them on YouTube, but will you love them in print? A video star can make millions in advertising dollars, but if they want to solidify their legitimacy, then a book can do the trick.



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