The Kanawha County Public Library will be phasing out its free online magazine resource, Zinio and replacing it with a new app, RB (Recorded Books) Digital.

Patrons may continue downloading magazine issues for free, but will be greeted by new logos and images. Desktop users can still access thousands of magazines by visiting our website. Smartphone and tablet users will have to download the free app.

RB Digital will replace Zinio on Tuesday, June 27. For more information, contact 304-343-4646, ext. 1221.


Getting Started with Zinio

Go to the KCPL Zinio Gateway (the logo below will open in a new window).

Zinio logo

The first time you use Zinio, you will Create an Account using your library card number.

Zinio is asking for your card number

Then create a username and password – something you will remember!  You can use your library card number or your email address if you want to.

Filling in fields for Zinio account

Next, log in.  Once you do, Zinio will welcome you, and you can start checking out magazines!

zinio welcome page

You can search by magazine title, or browse by subject.

zinio search options

When you find a magazine you want to check out, you have several options:

– You can read it on the Zinio website

– You can download it and read it using the Zinio app

– You can continue to check out more magazines

Zinio checkout screen

The first time you use Zinio, you will register with the same email address and password that you used to create your account. The next time you use Zinio, you will just sign in.

Zinio registration page

Even if you are using the Zinio app, you will need to create this account at the KCPL Zinio Gateway first.

Now you will be ready to read a magazine while connected to the internet. The magazines you have checked out will be in the Your Library section (aka Your Reading List).

Zinio sample library

Zinio App

If you want to download the magazine to read on the go, you will need to download a Zinio app for your device or the Zinio Reader. You will see links to the following at the bottom of the Gateway page.

  1. iPhone and iPad at the iTunes store
  2. Android devices at the Google Play store
  3. Win 8 for Microsoft tablets at Windows
  4. Mac and PCs downloads Adobe Air and then the Zinio Reader at Zinio
  5. Kindle Fire/HD/HDX download an app at Zinio and will say yes to the Third Party App question. (more info – http://imgs.zinio.com/faq/kindlefire.html )

Nooks are not currently compatible with Zinio as an app.

You will create your account using the same information as you did above, so that magazines will go from the KCPL Zinio Gateway to your Zinio app or reader.

Users can have more than one log in on the same app, if you share the device with family members.

To get new issues of your favorite magazines, you will start at the KCPL Zinio Gateway and check them out. You will not need to go to the Zinio page, but open your app where the internet is available for the new issue to show up in the app.

The magazines you have borrowed will be in READ /Your Library. As with reading them over at Zinio online, you will see offers to subscribe to magazines. If you want to borrow from the library, you always start at the KCPL Zinio Gateway.

When you are in Your Library you will see your covers, which can be sorted by date and title. Clicking on the arrow when the internet is available, will download the magazine to be read away from internet access.

The app can be set to default to READ in the Account Settings.


Search for and checkout magazines for free in KCPL’s Zinio Gateway

Read them in your Zinio app