How To Make a Simple Braided Dog Toy

dog braid

For this DIY you will need material (fleece, t-shirt jersey, denim, canvas or toweling fabric work well), scissors or a rotary cutter, a ruler, a pen that can be used to mark fabric, an elastic band or hairband, and 15 minutes of your time.

– First you will need to cut out 3 strips from your fabric so that each strip measures at least 50″ long (although I would recommend 55″-60″), and approx. 3″ wide.

– Put you elastic/hair band around the strips so that it is positioned right in the center and holds the strips together securely.

– Measure 10″ from the band (marked ‘a’ on the diagram) in each direction and mark this distance on each of the 6 strips with your pen.

– Slide your band along so that it sits on one of these marks, making sure the strips are all aligned correctly.

– Now you need to braid from the band to the second place you have marked with your pen, so that you end up with 20″ of braiding in the middle of the strips. Make sure that if you are using 3 different colors, that the strips end up in the same (color) order as they were when you began braiding.

– Remove the elastic band, twist the braided section into a loop and braid all 6 strips together by pairing up the strips by color so that you have 3 sections you can now braid as before. On the diagram, for instance, red strips marked 1 are paired up, as are the yellow strips marked 2 and the purple strips marked 3. If you are using one color you don’t need to worry about matching up the right ones.

– Once you have braided to about 6″ from the ends of the strips, tie a regular overhand knot and pull on each strip to tighten the knot as much as you can.

– Cut straight across all of the strips at least a few inches from the knot in order to neaten the end up and finish it of. That’s it!