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March 3rd, 2018
The Orkney Islands: A Travelogue and Historic Adventure Dr. Tim Mainland has spent his career teaching Music Theory, Music History and collecting folk music. His surname (a bit unusual in the U.S.) is quite common in Orkney and he wanted to know more about that. Two recent trips there to explore old family stories plunged Dr. Mainland deep into his career interests and led him to discover the old stone houses and graves of direct relatives and the welcoming arms of many Mainlands (half the phone book, there!). He discovered the magnificent Saint Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall, the Orkney Folk Festival, the Ness of Brodgar and the mysterious Neolithic Cairns of Rousay, all unexpected treasures. In this arts-oriented talk, the presenter will use the narrative of his journeys to play and discuss the origins of a couple of Scottish-American tunes (banjo and flute), show some slides and tell the intriguing story of St. Magnus and present the archeological mysteries of the Neolilthic peoples that left their epic mark in the Scottish Isles.
March 3, 11:00 AM
Tinkerbell Versus The Celts: Fairy Lore as Oral History Celtic fairy lore is not just entertaining stories for children, Disney-esque ‘Tinkerbell’ type ‘fakelore’ of the nineteenth and twentieth century romanticists, nor dismissible as rural superstition; stories of the dangerous, sinister Sidh/Fey/Gentry/Good People of peasant folk tradition actually may be the oral history of a series of 2,500 to 3,000 year old clashes between Iron Age cattle herding people and Bronze Age cultivators that resulted in continuous guerilla warfare. The speaker will examine some key elements of fairy lore, legends, history, cultural analogies, and archeology to conclude that some legends would be better considered as oral history. Michael J. Simonton earned his PhD in Social Anthropology at the National University of Ireland-Galway with a longitudinal study of aging within the context of sociocultural transformation. He is the author of several books and papers that include Celtic subjects. Currently he is the Director of Celtic Studies at Northern Kentucky University.
March 3, 3:30 PM
Scottish Blackface Sheep Petting Zoo Several Scottish Blackface sheep will be on the library walkway for kids young and old to see. The Scottish Blackface is the most common breed of domestic sheep in the British Isles. This tough and adaptable breed is often found in the more exposed locations, such as the Scottish and Irish Highlands and Mountains.
March 3, 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM
The Lively Limerick: Readings Students of Colleen Anderson’s Lively Limericks Workshop will share the verses they created with curious listeners. Listeners can vote for their favorite with their applause.
March 3, 1:00 PM
Spinning and Weaving Demonstrations Knitting and weaving were a staple part of the 'fabric' of Scottish and Irish Life. Come and see top-of-the-hour demonstrations of wool being spun on a spinning wheel. At the bottom of the hour, there will be a demonstration of weaving on an 8-shaft table loom. In between times there will be opportunities to make a take away piece on a heddle loom, or perhaps learn to knit. Presenters are Sarah Sands and Sarah Radow from the Kanawha City Yarn Company.
March 3, 12:00 to 3:00 PM
Celtic Fire and Drum Things will be heating up on the library plaza with a performance by two members of the Fire Artists of Kanawha Valley. There will be three separate performances of around 15 minutes. The burns will take place at 5:30 p.m., 6:15 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. Watch from the street as fire is twirled and spun. Prepare to be amazed!
March 3, 5:30 to 7:15 PM
Designer Purse Bingo The Sissonville Library Advisory Board hosts Designer Purse Bingo, Saturday, March 3! Doors open at 2:30 p.m., bingo starts at 4 p.m. All proceeds will benefit the Sissonville Branch Library. Presale $20 for 20 games, $25 at the door. There will be a 50/50 raffle, door prizes, auction, quilt raffle and concessions. Purchase tickets from the Sissonville Branch Library 304-984-2244 or Joan Shaffer 304-543-0515.
March 3, 2:30 PM