to all who have contributed to the 2017/2018 Annual Fund:

Marsha Albert
Dr. Timothy C. Alderman
Coleen Anderson
Calvert J. Armbrecht
Joseph L. Badgley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beckett
Elizabeth Bennett
Harriett Smith Beury
Robert Beury
Dolores Blackwell
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis G. Brewer
Bonnie Howard Brothers
Sheryl P. Browne
Evan Buck
David and Sandy Campbell
Steven and Nancy Canterbury
Jonathan Carpenter
Wanda M. Cavender
Elizabeth Early Chilton
Bryan R. Cokeley
Peter Costello
JoAnn Dawson
Otto J. Drescher
Robert L. Elkins
Joseph M. Ertl
Dwight Foley
Mr. and Mrs. Sebastian K. Francis
Irene A. Galloway
Keith A. George
Crystal Gibson
Rebecca H. Goodwin
Priscilla A. Haden
Hedda L. Haning
Marc Harman
Susan M. Haupt
Phyllis J. Hawes
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hawkins
Philip and Susan Hereford
Richard W. Hess
Thomas Heywood and Melody Simpson
Suzanne Hodroge
Keith M. Holmes
Glen R. Holstein
Robert H. Howell
Dr. and Mrs. Tzong-Wen Edgar Huang
Robert N. and Ruth T. Hutton
Geraldine Jackson
John A. & Lucille S. Pianfetti Foundation
Douglas W. R. Johnson, Sr.
Mary Johnson
Drs. James and Phyllis Kaplan
Kathryn J. Kay
Elizabeth G. Keiffer
Virginia L. King
Robert J. Knopf
Marty and Kathie Kommor
Kay Lamb
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney C. Lerfald
Jack Levin and Louisa Swift
Jim Lewis
Debra L. Lilly
Patterson and Terri Lyles
George Manahan
Julian Martin
Danny and Jeri Matheney
William B. Maxwell III
Ellen Maxwell-Hoffman
Carla McClure
Lucille McClure
Mac and Mary Adelia McLeod
Miami Plastic Surgery
Carolyn E. Miller
Patrick J. Miller
Nancy L. Mitchell
Carol J. Mollohan
Antoinette B. Morrison
Eric L. Parsons
Lewis and Sharon Pauley
Jennifer Pauer
Ronald G. Pearson and Beth High
Meredith Thomas Persinger
Susan Poffenbarger
Thomas G. Potterfield M.D.
Clyde R. Pritt
Anna Raab
Norma Randall-Myers
Ray and Mary Ratliff
Ray, Winton & Kelley, PLLC
John and Jane Ray
Alex and Becky Ross
Rick and Wendy Rubin
Francis Saldanha, M.D.
Steve Sawicki
Karen and Jim Scherr
William Sentman
Sherri Shafer
Caren R. Soloman
Reed Spangler
Patricia H. Stanton
R. L. Taylor
Thomas Combs & Spann, PLLC
Norma S. Thomas
Bonnie G. Tincher
Brenda M. Vanderford
Melanie and Jim Vickers
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Wallace
Ruth Watts
Steve and Laura Wehrle
Ann P. Weimer
Elizabeth Weisberg
Dee Ann White (2)
Susan Williams
Kenneth C. Wright
Yu Xian Zheng and Xiu Zhi Zheng

Honor and Memorial Gifts:
Mr. Robert L. Elkins, in memory of Mary Alice Elkins
Ruth Vanderwilt McVey, in memory of Cornelius John and Mary Jane Vanderwilt
Ruth Vanderwilt McVey, in memory of Mary Ellen Vanderwilt
Greg and Vicki Schultz, in memory of Ruth L. Schultz

Clendenin Flood Relief
Friends of The Salem Library

Branch libraries located in unincorporated areas of Kanawha County are asked to raise a portion of their operating expenses. Our THANKS to the following donors who directed their Annual Fund contribution to these branch libraries:

Cross Lanes
Joyce and Frank Andrews
Dennis and Marilyn Byrnside
Mark S. Calfee, D.C.
The Church Mouse, Cross Lanes UMC (2)
City National Bank
Rose Cooley
Melba Farley
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Fischer
John A. Fleek
Robin S. Francis (2)
George J. Freebersyser (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gebhard
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Grimm
Sandra L. Havely
Ramzi Hourani
Brandon Huffman
Husson’s Pizza
Jack and Norma Justice
Carla Illikainen
John A. & Lucille S. Pianfetti Foundation
Deborah L. Jones
Jack and Norma Justice
Mr. Louis A Kapicak
Marcine Karcheski
Frances Lanier
Paul and Jane Lowen
Lois A. Ludwig
Charmaine Mazzei (2)
Mrs. Jack C. McClanahan
Teresa J. McCormick
Walter and Hollie Mitchell
My Shoppe Hair Salon LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. Negley (2)
Jim and Ann Neidlinger
Linda Nicholson
Sandra Orr
Debra B. Parker
Lien N. Parrish
William R. Peckol (2)
Ron and Janet Raether
Barbara Redman
Helen Ries
Barbara Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Rogier
Mary E. Sansom
Molly Schaffnit
Mrs. James R. Sloan
Sally Snyder
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Sova
Carol Stewart
Janet and Jay Thompson
Lois Thompson
Sherri Thompson
Rosalee Venitsanos
Kenneth C. Watkins
Betty Watson
Helen Welch
Drs. Robert and Nancy Wilson
Brenda and James Witt
Rhonda Witt

Elk Valley
Nancy K. Abel
Rose H. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver W. Arbogast
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Bailey
Melora Cann
Mildred M. Carper
Charlotte J. Cummings
Jo Ellen Dean-Wagoner
Geraldine T. Foy
Dorothea Fuqua
Dolores J. Hanson
Katherine L. Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Rory M. Isaac
David A. Joplin
William J. Kelley
Julianne Kemp
Teresa Koon
Alan and Carol Kuhlman
Frank and Joyce Mash
Mr. and Mrs. W. K. McMorrow
Jean Morris
David and Louise Peelle
Janet C. Pendergrass
Clarence E. Penn III
Edith T. Phillips
Kathleen Rushworth
N. Marleen Seese
Mr.a nd Mrs. Richard D. Smeltzer
John and Catherine Snyder
Michael K. Starling
Ronald L. Warren
Joyce A. Williams
Gwyn Wolfe
Carrie A. Young

Dianne Allport
Wanda M. Cavender
Helen V. Edick
John and Donzella Fleck
Karen Glazier and James Thibeault
JoAnn Harris
Clinton T. Hoy
Larry L. Rowe (2)
David and Nancy Siders
James and Sandra Singleton
Jessie L. Skiles

Jeanne Barnhart
Gerald M. Brennan
Terry A. Brogan
Jack and Rethia Bumgardner
Nova C. Casto
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gerald Cunningham
Nancy L. Cunningham
Lois A. Douglas
John F. Godbey
Michael G. Godwin
Betty Jane Harper
Fred and Susan Hufford
Jonnie R. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Kenyon
Brenda Layne
Kyle L. McGraw
Betty Y. Montgomery
Tom and Linda Morgan
Lenora Moriarty
Yvonne S. Povick
Rolston and Company
James R. Saunders
Richard Shaffer
Frank E. Stolper
Sherry Stump
Deloris L. Warner
Lala Wiley
Terri Williamson