to all who have contributed
to the 2019/2020 Annual Fund:

Individual Donations
Mike and Laura Lee Albert
Mr. and Mrs. R. Ruffner Alexander
Colleen Anderson
Phyllis Huff Arnold and James S. Arnold
Frank A. Baer II and Mario H. Baer Charitable Gift Fund
Michele Baranaskas
Victor C. Bastron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Beckett
Harriett Smith Beury
Robert Beury
Sheryl Browne
Evan Buck
David Bungard
Arielle Burstein
Kevin Cade
David and Sandy Campbell
Steven and Nancy Canterbury
Mike and Nancy Chaney
Nelle R. Chilton
Susan and Don Churchill
George and Annette Cipriani
Michael J. DelGuidice
Robert E. and Nancy Douglas
Otto Drescher
Joseph Ertl
Denise Ferris
Kathleen M. Fitzgerald and Paul R. Sheridan
Irene Galloway
David and Marianne Gettman
Crystal E. Gibson
Jerry and Donna Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Graney
Larry and Sandra Groce
H.B. Wehrle Foundation
Priscilla M. Haden
Cynthia Harris
Jo Ann Harris
Pamela M. Harvit
Dr. and Mrs. R. Mark Hatfield
Susan M. Haupt
Phyllis J. Hawes
Dr. and Mrs. Richard A. Hawkins
Thomas A. Heywood and Melody Simpson
Mr. and Mrs. Lee O. Hill
David Hoge
Keith M. Holmes
Dr. Tzongwen Edgar Huang
Thomas and Julia Hurney
Monika L. Jaensson
Mary B. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W.R. Johnson
Mary Johnson
Valerie Johnson
Kathryn J. Kay
Thomas and Sue Ann Kellam
Dr. and Mrs. Michael E. Kelly
Virginia King
Conor Knighton
R.J. Knopf
J. Thomas Lane
James W. Lane, Jr. and Jessica M. Lane
Robert Lawrence
Priscilla P. Lawson
Mrs. Sidney C. Lerfald, M.D.
Gracie Lester
Bob and Millie Lynn
Julian Martin
Ellen Maxwell-Hoffman
Carla T. McClure
Paula McCoy
David McCready
Brittain and Judy McJunkin
Callen McJunkin
Mac and Mary Adelia McLeod
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McNeely
Melissa Menefee
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Miller
Harry B. Mills
Nancy L. Mitchell
Carol Mollohan
Greg Moore and Dawn Miller
Julia A. Morton
Mary Leslie Morton
Bill and Carolyn Mullett
James D. Olson
Bob and Ann Orders
Charis Parsons
Jennifer Pauer
PayPal Giving Fund
Ronald G. Pearson and Beth High
Carolyn C. Perrine
Meredith Thomas Persinger
Nina Ratrie Peyton
Lea Anne Pinney
Susan G. Poffenbarger
Ray and Mary Ratliff
Andrew N. Richardson
Julie and Reed Robinson
R. Terrance Rodgers and Karen Speidel Rodgers
Rick and Wendy Rubin
Francis Saldanha, M.D.
Dan and Judy Schuda
James W. Sherwood
Carol C. Simpson
Freddie A. Sizemore
Reed and Darlene Spangler
Patricia H. Stanton
Sam Stetson
Joan C. Steven
Louisa Swift and John Levin
Heidi Talmage
R.L. Taylor
Ben and Meredith Thomas
Jay and Simone Thomas
Norma S. Thomas
Bonnie Tincher
Melanie Vickers
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory L. Wallace
Anne E. Waltner and Rolf Olson
Stephen L. Wellons
Stephen D. Wehrle
Ann Weimer
Lisa Westfall
White Family Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Victorson
Dee Ann White
Thomas J. Wills
Mr. and Mrs. Steve R. Wilson
Marilyn Witbeck
Todd and Maureen Wright

Honor and Memorial Gifts
Matthew W. Brown, in memory of Robert R. “Bob” Brown and in honor of Carole “Cookie” Glasser
Ricklin Brown and Sarah G. Sullivan, in memory of Jeanette M. Alexander
Nelle Ratrie Chilton, in memory of Dr. Robert J. Singleton
Cookie Glasser, in memory of Lakin Ray Cook and Gary Ellis
Ted and Shelley Kanner, in memory of Gary Ellis
Dr. and Mrs. J.L. Leef, Jr., in memory of Gary Ellis
Ruth Vanderwilt McVey, in memory of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Vanderwilt and Mary Ellen Vanderwilt
Todd A. Mount and Denise Lea Workman, in memory of Gary Ellis
Betty J. Ramsey, in memory of Phyllis Sloneker
Sharon and Steve Rubin, in memory of Gary Ellis
Woman’s Club of Charleston, in memory of Pamela Reynolds

The Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation
F.M. Davis Family Fund
Lejeune-Farley Fund
Robert Lawson Fund

Woman’s Kanawha Literary Club
Carol A. Casto
Betsy Crockett
Joann Bryant Daley
Sallie Hart
Pamela Meadows Harvit
Neva G. Lusk
Sallie F. McClaugherty
Dina M. Mohler
Patricia M. Moyers
Danita Nellhaus
Barbara Payne Nolan
Phyllis P. Payne
Julia W. Robinson
Jane Beattie Shepherd
Anne Ray Silbernagel, in memory of Lakin Ray Cook
Jo Ellen Diehl Yeary

Branch libraries located in unincorporated areas of Kanawha County are asked to raise a portion of their operating expenses. Our THANKS to the following donors who directed their Annual Fund contribution to these branch libraries:

Betty L. Jones
Gregory S. Proctor
Mardi Gras Casino & Resort

Cross Lanes
Suellen Bottorf
Bill and Faith Bragg
Dennis and Marilyn Byrnside
Ron Chapman
Rose Cooley
Cross Lanes Veterinary Hospital
Melba J. Farley
Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Fischer
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fleek
Robin S. Francis
George J. Freebersyser
Paul and Barbara Gebhard
Martin Grimm
Jack and Norma Justice
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kapicak
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lacaria
Jane and Paul Lowen
Lois A. Ludwig
Mardi Gras Casino & Resort
Mrs. Jack C. McClanahan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark McCormick
Jennifer J. Meeks
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mitchell
Kenneth D. Negley
Linda Nicholson
Jim Neidlinger
Gary and Sandra Orr
Lien Parrish
William R. Peckol
Gloria Puckett
Alice B. Riecks (2)
Mary E. Sansom
Fran and Paul Shropshire
Frances L. Sloan
Minerva Sneed
Sally Snyder
Lois R. Thompson
Rosalee Venitsanos
Debby Walker
Kenneth and Jerre Watkins
Mr. William R. & Dr. Cassandra B. Whyte
Brenda J. Witt
Adrienne Worthy and Brian Farkas
Carrie A. Young

Elk Valley
Oliver Arbogast
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Bailey
Richard Fauss and Debra Basham
Lois Byrd
Stanley and Dewilla Cavender
Nina and Joseph Darnell
Jo Ellen Dean-Wagoner
Geraldine T. Foy
Lee and Dorothea Fuqua
Dolores J. Hanson
Katherine L. Hopkins
Teresa Koon
Alan Kuhlman
Mike and Colleen Lester
Rita G. Lewis
G. Frank Mash
Joyce L. Mash
Mardi Gras Casino & Resort
Sandra Martin
Brooks A. Mullins
Lisa Paddock
David and Louise Peelle
Mr. and Mrs. C.E. Penn III
Edith T. Phillips
Michael K. Starling
Joe Stephenson
Chuck and Tina Stodola
Ronald Warren
Benita Whitman
Joyce Williams

Dianne Allport
John E. Fleck
Nancy and David Siders

T.L. Auman
Jerry L. Barker
Jeanne Barnhart
Gerald M. Brennan
Rethia Bumgardner
Nova Casto
Lilith Cunningham
Gary Facemyer
John Godbey
Michael Godwin
Margaret Golden
Betty Jane Harper
JoAnn Jones
David Allen Joplin
Peggy Kenyon
Betty Kirby
Mardi Gras Casino & Resort
Kyle McGraw
Tom and Linda Morgan
Agnes Lenora Moriarty
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ostand
Yvonne Povick
Glenda J. Sisson
Lala C. Wiley
Terri Williamson