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O.J. Morrison

O.J. Morrison was a chain of department stores in West Virginia. His Charleston store was at 216 Capitol Street. "In 1910 Mr. Morrison decided to invade Charleston, where the people soon recognized the fact that he was doing a large business because of the fairness of his dealing and the quality of his goods, together with the astonishingly low prices at which they were offered. ...Mr. Morrison's Charleston store was visited by a disastrous fire October 29, 1920, when thousands of dollars worth of merchandise was destroyed and the building was wrecked. There were those who predicted that Mr. Morrison's mercantile career in this city at least was at an end, but a few days later work was commenced in dismantling the old Burlew Opera House, on Capitol Street, in the place of which was erected a modern structure five stories and basement, 65 by 165 feet, this now being under Mr. Morrison's personal supervision." History of West Virginia Old and New - James Callahan 1923 (KCPL photo C3 #862)

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