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Homework Help

Defining Marcellus Shale terms
Shale Gas Glossary
The Department of Energy defines some of the basic terms.
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Oil and Natural Gas Terminology
There is a link on this page to a PDF that outlines various drilling and contract terms from the shale industry. From Go Marcellus Shale.
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What is fracking?
Natural Gas Extraction - Hydraulic Fracturing
The EPA presents information on the process of extracting shale gas.
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Natural Gas from Shale: Questions and answers
A 40 page document from the Department of Energy on what shale gas is and the industry.
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Marcellus and other Devonian Shales in WV
Links to maps and documents from the WV Geological Survey.
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Hydraulic Fracturing Research
US Geological Survey's main page with links to research, video and more.
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Online Research Tools with Shale information
Worldmark Encyclopedia of U.S. and Canadian Environmental Issues
An encyclopedia written for the layperson on environmental issues.
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Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Pulls together material on both sides of an issue. Magazines, journals & more.
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Online magazines & journals, which includes material on shale & fracking.
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Groups Interested in the Marcellus Shale Issue
Chesapeake Energy
Site of one of the larger developers of the Marcellus Shale. It discusses numerous issues related to the development of the Marcellus Shale.
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Marcellus Shale Coalition
Group which works with a variety of the players in the shale gas industry.
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WV Sierra Club's Marcellus Shale page
The Sierra Club is a long standing advocate of protecting the environment.
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West Virginia Surface Owners' Rights Organization
In WV the owners of the surface land may not own mineral rights below, this group looks at their interests as wells are drilled.
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