Consumer Protection
Better Business Bureau
The BBB will let you see how a business is rated at the BBB and file a complaint about fraud. They also look at charities.
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FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection
As the nation’s consumer protection agency, the FTC works on about businesses problems of theft, misrepresentation etc.
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FDIC Consumer Protection
This agency looks out for consumers in the banking world in cases of fraud, unfairness in lending.
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WV Attorney General's Consumer Protection page
Links to forms to file complains, brochures about consumer rights and more.
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Identity Theft
On Guard Online
A multi-agency website pooling information on protecting yourself online. Includes pages for parents.
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Identity Theft in WV
Links to laws and resources in WV.
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Social Security's Identity Theft page
What to do if you social security number is compromised.
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Postal Service Assistance
Reporting mail fraud, fraudulent change of address, etc.
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Wise purchasing
Consumer Reports via Ebsco
Access reviews of products via Ebsco. Consumer Reports is part of the Masterfile group of magazines. Log in with card & pin.
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Consumer Search
Run by the search engine, Consumer Search has pulled together articles on products from around the web since 1991.
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Product Safety
Consolidates recalls from federal agencies in one spot.
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Underwriters Laboratory
Underwriters Laboratory has been investigating product safety for 117 years. More than the UL labels, read their research.
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Child car seats from the NHTSA
Learn about selecting and installing car seats properly.
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