West Virginia Book Festival
October 28 & 29
Charleston Civic Center

Erik Larson
Dead Wake: Last Crossing of the Lusitania
On May 1, 1915 the Lusitania set sail with the understanding that civilian ships were not attacked, but U-boats were changing rules.
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Explore more of Larson and his riveting historical nonfiction.
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Stephen Coonts
Liberty's Last Stand
Feel the adrenaline rush of the latest in the Jake Grafton series.
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Learn more about this WV native and his military/political thrillers
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Patrick Rothfuss
Name of the Wind volume 1
Plunge into Kvothe's world where a promising no one becomes a wizard of power. Epic fantasy
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Plunge deeper into Rothfuss's Kingkiller Chronicles and also his shorter workds
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Matt de La Pena
Last stop on Market Street
CJ and his grandmother talk about the beauty in their world even without material wealth. Award winning book
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de la Pena
Discover de la Pena's teen novels and other works.
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Sandra Brown
Suspense and sparks fly when Jordie Bennet and Shaw Kinnard meet because everyone wants the money her brother stole.
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With over 60 NY Times best sellers, Brown is an author who grabs her readers. You'll want to know more
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Julia Keller
Last ragged breath
Bell Elkins' murder case may be new, but Buffalo Creek echoes in events.
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As a writer of both popular histories and her WV mystery series, Keller has a legion of fans.
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Maggie Stiefvater
Raven Boys volume 1
Blue Sargent seems to have none of her family's powers, but meeting the Raven Boys prove her to be wrong on that score.
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Author, artist, bagpipe player and more, Steifvater's fans love her paranormal stories and howl for more.
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Ron Rash
Above the Waterfall
A sheriff & park ranger are pulled together as a crime tears at a small Appalachian town.
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Rash is known for his powerful Appalachian novels, but readers will be drawn into his poetry & essays too.
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