For more than 100 years, Kanawha County Public Library has been providing vital library services to our community. We often hear stories from patrons about how the library impacts their life. We want to hear your story too.
Check out the reasons why others love the library
"The library has music and audio CDs; Playaways; WV DELI downloadable items; Freegal music downloads; and great research databases including Ebscohost, Mango Languages, and the Foundation Center. "
"I’ve been a KCPL patron for 50 years. I feel truly blessed to live in a community where so many library services are accessible to me."
"During college, the library was my secret weapon. "
"I love reading at my library because of the friendly staff. When I walk in I feel welcome, and feel like the staff is there to help all of the people in my library. "
"I’ve never lost my love of libraries. They are the most amazing and wonderful places on earth, and I hope everyone feels in themselves the joy of being surrounded by so many books and knowing they all can be had for the price of a library card."
"When I retired from teaching, I became a member of The Friends of The Library Steering Committee because I wanted to keep spreading the message of the importance of our wonderful Kanawha County Public Library System and its services to our community. "
"I go to the Main Library downtown. I love the KCPL because I love to read but cannot afford to buy books."
Why do you love Kanawha County Public Library? Please take a few minutes to share your story with us.
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