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Goal 1

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Provide services, programs and technology that are responsive to needs of the community and various audiences within the community

Objective 1B

Implement integrated programming and marketing throughout the system
Supporting Activity Time Frame
Assess the library's activities and capabilities within the environment/context in which the library functions (such as staff and budget resources; demographics and population; challenges, barriers and competition; and education opportunities) Jul 2010 - Ongoing
Create a process to determine goal/objective, outcome measurement, and marketing strategy in development of each program Jan 2010 - Dec 2010
Assess response to previous and current program offerings Jan 2010 - Ongoing
Coordinate programming for all audiences Jan 2010 - Ongoing
Integrate special events into ongoing programming Jan 2010 - Ongoing
Determine targeted activities, user groups, services and/or programs yearly as part of budget cycle Jan 2010 - Ongoing
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