Exploring September 11

Exploring September 11

9/11 Movies and Music

102 Minutes That Changed America

973.931 ONE

(DVD) A chronological record of the World Trade Center attacks on September 11, 2001 assembled from video and audio footage recorded by more than 100 eyewitnesses. The footage may be disturbing to viewers, but it is an important historical document.

United 93


(DVD) Told in real time and acted out by a cast of unknowns, United 93 attempts to reconstruct the airborne tragedy from the view of the ground and flight controllers, the passengers, and their nervous families awaiting word on the fate of their loved ones.

Bikeman: An Epic Poem

by Tom Flynn 973.931 FLYNN

(Book on CD) Tom Flynn is a journalist and a poet who rode his bicycle to cover the first tower's attack on September 11th. His historical ballad is part quest, part memoir, part eulogy, and part survivor's lament.

America: A Tribute to Heroes


(Music CD) The result of a two-hour telethon in which celebrities raised money for the victims of the September 11th terrorist attacks, this album is a diverse yet tasteful collection and one of the best musical responses to the 9/11 attacks.

On The Transmigration of Souls

by John Adams ADAMS

(Music CD) On the Transmigration of Souls was the first major response from the concert music sphere to the terrorist attacks of September 11, and still one of a very few works of art of any kind to have engaged itself on a large scale with that earthshaking event.

The Rising

by Bruce Springsteen SPRINGST

(Music CD) Fifteen rock and roll meditations on making sense of the senseless from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.

Parallel Lines

973.931 PARALLEL

(DVD) Filmmaker Nina Davenport drives from San Diego back to her New York apartment in November of 2011. Along the way, she talks to the people she meets about how 9/11 had affected them. What (and who) she finds makes for an absorbing travelogue.

Vito After

973.931 VITO

(DVD) Brooklyn homicide detective Vito Friscia spent months going through the toxic rubble of the World Trade Center, looking for signs of those who perished. Through this intimate portrait of an everyday hero, we find a powerful renewal of the human spirit, and insight into the lives of thousands of responders who are paying an emotional and physical price for their bravery.

Trust Me

303.482 TRUST

(DVD) A chronicle of thirty-three children attending an interfaith summer camp for Christians, Muslims and Jews in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

The Oath

958.1 OATH

(DVD) Two men who were part of the al-Qaeda terrorist network - a bodyguard and a driver - look back on their past with strongly mixed feelings. A gripping documentary that unfolds like a great political thriller.

Jihad: Searching For Answers

973.931 JIHAD

(DVD) What makes someone so desperate to go on a suicide mission? How do Muslims look at the people of other faiths? What is Jihad? This documentary explores how Muslim-Americans feel about today's Islamic society, the post 9/11 world, and their place in the American society.

The Al-Qaeda Files

303.625 AL-QAEDA

(DVD) A compilation of seven highly acclaimed Frontline programs, produced both before and after the years following 9/11 and focusing on the inner workings of al-Qaeda and their ongoing conflicts with the United States.

Scared Sacred: Unwrap the Darkness, Reveal the Light

155.24 SCARED

(DVD) How do humans learn to transform the devastating into the divine? Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper travels to the sites of the world's greatest tragedies to explore the healing process. From Cambodia's killing fields to post-9/11 New York City, these stories both inspire and restore faith in the human spirit.

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