Exploring Alzheimer's

Exploring Alzheimer's

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“Designed specially to appeal to people with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, Family is a nostalgic stroll through the milestones of family life, filled with nostalgic images and music intended to evoke pleasant memories and emotions.”

Away From Her

Fiona and Grant, happily married for over 40 years, are separated when Fiona’s “forgetfulness” sends her to a nursing home where she seems to forget even her husband. Grant must perform an act of self-sacrifice to ensure her happiness. This is based on the short story "The Bear Came Over The Mountain" by Alice Munro.


Adapted from the memoirs of literary critic John Bayley (played by Jim Broadbent, who won an Academy Award), the film recounts his courtship of and long marriage to British novelist Iris Murdoch (Judi Dench). The film shifts back and forth between the young Iris, ready to seduce with words, and the elder Iris, slowly losing her battle with Alzheimer's.

After The Deluge

This family drama follows the lives of the three Kirby brothers as they struggle to manage their lives while coming to terms with their father’s increasingly serious Alzheimer's.

Sleeping Beauty

The malevolent Maleficent threatens that young Princess Aurora will prick her finger on a spinning wheel before her 16th birthday which, of course, would deny her a happily-ever-after (with Prince Phillip!). Things don’t quite end that badly thanks to the assistance of Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. Disney's 1959 animated spectacle boasts a gorgeous waltz-filled score adapting Tchaikovsky.


As Bambi grows up, he makes friends with the other animals of the forest, including a rabbit named Thumper and a skunk named Flower. One day, however, the human hunters come, and Bambi must learn to be as brave as his father if he is to lead the other deer to safety.


We all know the story: Cinderella wants to go to a ball given by the handsome prince but her wicked stepmother and jealous stepsisters don’t want her to go. But perseverance, animal buddies, and a well-timed entrance by a fairy godmother with a pumpkin make sure things turn out all right in this Disney classic.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice is a bored schoolgirl who yearns for a more exciting life. Things get "curiouser and curiouser" when she follows the frantic White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and has a series of surreal misadventures in the madcap world of Wonderland, where "nothing's impossible."

That Darn Cat!

When a slightly cross-eyed Siamese cat named D.C. turns up with a wristwatch around his neck, it could be just the clue the FBI needs to crack a series of bank robberies in this 1965 Disney comedy.

Old Yeller

In 1860s Texas, young Travis wants nothing to do with a lop-eared stray. But Old Yeller quickly proves to be a loyal friend, protecting the family farm and saving Travis' life. They become inseparable pals, sharing joyous experiences, and Travis learns valuable lessons about growing up.

The Parent Trap

Hayley Mills stars as both Susan and Sharon, identical twins separated at birth. Neither twin knows the other exists until a twist of fate finds them at the same summer camp. So they plan a little twist of their own, hoping to get their parents back together. This heartwarming comedy will have your whole family doubling up with laughter.

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