Explore The Da Vinci Code

Explore The Da Vinci Code


So you’ve read Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and you’re hungry for more. Try the previous book in the series, Angels and Demons, and the sequel, The Lost Symbol (out in September).

But if that still hasn’t quenched your thirst for religious conspiracies and breakneck action, this reading map will help you explore The Da Vinci Code

  • Is Opus Dei real? Did da Vinci really paint secret symbols into his works? And what about Jesus and Mary Magdalene…Check out Religious Conspiracies.
  • You’ve run through the streets of Paris and London, but what really interests you is how Robert Langdon figured out those symbols. Try Hero With A Brain for more cerebral sleuths.
  • What did da Vinci’s time sound like? Check out Music for a diverse list of music from the Renaissance and beyond.
  • Attention span too short for a book? Check out the web for more information.

Whichever path you chose, you can always explore The Da Vinci Code at the Kanawha County Public Library.