Twilight Online

There's a vast amount of information on the web dealing around subjects in the Twilight series. Here are some sites worth checking out:

Clean Reads Just what the title says. These books are "delicious to the soul" and free of inappropriate content.

Cullen Cars Interested in seeing the cars that the Cullen teens drove? See them here!

Dracula by Bram Stoker Read the entire book of Bram Stoker's Dracula online.

Dracula Masterpiece Theater Official site to PBS version of Dracula the movie.

Forks, Washington Did you know Forks, Washington is a real place? It is!

Monster Librarian Reviews on all the horror novels your heart could ever desire.

Quileute Native American Tribe Learn more about Jacob Black's tribe, the Quileute.

Shape Shifter Novels Reviews on werewolves and other shape shifters novels for young adults.

Stephenie Meyer's Official Website Can't get enough of the Twilight series? Check out Meyer's website.

Twilight Lexicon Twilight fans gather and discuss the books

Twilight the Movie On the edge of your seat waiting for the release of the Twilight movie? Check out its official site!