Credit & Debit Card Payments

How to Pay KCPL Library Bills Online

To make your ability to pay library fines and fees as convenient as possible, KCPL offers the option of paying your library bills online using ProPay’s secure website.

Note: There is a nonrefundable convenience fee of $2.00 for any transaction. Bills less than $1.00 cannot be paid online.

  1. Go to the KCPL webpage at
  2. Use the “Account Log In” to access your online library account.
  3. Click on the “Fines” tab.
  4. Click on the “Current Fines/Blocks” line if not already open.
  5. It will default to “Select All” bills. If you only want to pay specific bills, uncheck the “Select All” box and then check the boxes beside the bills you wish to pay.
  6. Click the “Pay Bills” button.
  7. You will see the payment information which will include the $2.00 nonrefundable convenience fee.
  8. You may then begin entering the requested information fields. You have the option of entering an email address for the payment receipt to be sent or you can wait until you make the payment and print a receipt.
  9. Enter the requested information and click “Submit.”

After ProPay successfully processes your payment, they will send information to the library to credit your account.

Note: If you need to pay on multiple accounts, please log in to each account and follow the above procedures. If the system does not accept the payment, it may need to have a time lapse between card uses from the same vendor (the time lapse needed varies among credit companies).

If you have further questions, please contact the Library at 304-343-4646.


KCPL Online Bill Pay FAQ

To make your ability to pay library fines and fees as convenient as possible, KCPL now offers the option of paying your library bills online using ProPay.

Note: Bills less than $1.00 cannot be paid online.

Is there a service fee when you pay online?
Yes, there is a nonrefundable convenience fee of $2.00 per transaction.

What is ProPay?
ProPay is a secure online payment service which allows you to pay all or any of your library bills online from any computer or device that has an Internet connection.

What credit/debit cards can I use?
ProPay accepts any credit card or bank debit card. PayPal is not accepted.

Do I have to pay everything I owe or can I select specific bills?
You can pay full or partial payments of bills, but payment must be at least $1.00. Payments will be applied to the oldest bills first unless you choose specific bills. You cannot pay more than you owe.

After I pay my bills, will the bills still appear on my account?
Payments will show immediately on your account. If you do not see this, try refreshing your screen.

Can I make a donation online?
KCPL does accept donations online. Please use the Make A Donation link on the KCPL homepage or the Make A Donation link in the “Other Library Links” section of the main search page.

Is my credit card information safe?
Yes, it is secure. However, when you log in to your library account, you may see the message “This connection is not secure. Logins entered here could be compromised.” When you click “Pay bills,” you will see that the connection is showing as secure. Please be assured that payment details collected electronically are encrypted using secure server technology. At no time does the Library store credit/debit card information.

Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?
Sorry, credit card payments are not accepted over the phone nor are library staff members able to enter credit card information manually.

Will I get a receipt for online payments?
You will have the option of emailing (you will need to enter an email address in the box provided) or printing a receipt when the transaction is completed. If you are using a library computer, the print of your receipt is at no cost. Just tell the library staff when printing the page that it is an online library payment receipt.

Who will be the merchant listed on my credit card/bank statement?
ProPay will be listed as the merchant.

How do I dispute a credit card charge?
If a charge from ProPay is found incorrectly on your credit/debit card billing statement, contact your credit/debit card company.

If I pay for a LOST item online and then find it, will my account be credited with the amount I paid?
If the item meets the qualifications for a refund, your account will not be credited. However, your refund will be processed through the standard procedure and a check will be mailed to the account user who had the bill within 60-90 days.

If you have further questions, please contact the Library at 304-343-4646.

Thank you.