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Super Heroes!

This collection heroes hits the highlights of the Marvel and DC Comics universes.

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Hulk vs. X-Force

cover photo: Hulk vs. X-Force by Jeph Loeb

It's THE HULKBUSTERS VS. X-FORCE! Who are the Hulkbusters? How about Red Hulk! Deadpool! The Punisher! Elektra! Thundra! The Crimson Dynamo! What terrible secret could bring this group together - only to run headlong into the deadliest team of X-Men? All this - and wait until you see RED HULK VS. WOLVERINE! Superstar scribe Jeph Loeb is joined by art team Ian Churchill and Mark Farmer as the epic saga of the Red Hulk continues! Collects Hulk #14-18.

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Batgirl Death Wish

cover photo: Batgirl Death Wish by Scott Campanella

Raised by a vicious mercenary to become the perfect assassin, Cassandra Cain broke free from her evil upbringing and took on the identity of Batgirl, Gotham's female protector. A skilled fighter with uncanny reflexes, the teenaged Cassandra studied religiously under the tutelage of Batman and Barbara Gordon, the original Batgirl, in order to hone her abilities and deprogram her killing instinct. Now with newly developed skills, Batgirl is joined by Robin and the Spoiler as she takes on a mind-manipulating scientist, super-powered kidnappers, a group of cop-killing bank robbers, a sadistic child killer, and a government agent obsessed with revealing her true identity and origin.

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Wonder Woman

cover photo: Wonder Woman by Geoff Johns

Wonder Woman's quest to change the world meets resistance in many forms, and when she pens a book outlining her philosophy, she ignites a firestorm of controversy. From humans out to destroy her reputation to supervillains planning to destroy the world and ancient gods with darker intentions still, everybody seems to be gunning for the Amazon Princess.DC Comics

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Amazing Spider-Man: Unintended Consequences

cover photo: Amazing Spider-Man: Unintended Consequences by John Romita Jr.

Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man, and the estranged love-of-his-life, Mary Jane, continue to deal with the aftermath of the decision that changes their relationship forever. As Peter deals with matters of the heart, his web-swinging alter ego faces dangers lurking behind every corner, and calls upon all his astonishing abilities to make it out alive.

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Ultimate Fantastic Four: Ghosts

cover photo: Ultimate Fantastic Four: Ghosts by Mike Carey

Susan Storm - the Invisible Woman - is headed toward a conference in Siberia when her helicopter is shot down for reasons unknown. With her survival in doubt, Reed Richards must abandon his completion of the Cosmic Cube at its most crucial time to confront none other than - the Ultimate Crimson Dynamo and the Ultimate Red Ghost! Collects Ultimate Fantastic Four #47-53.

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Superman: The Third Kryptonian

cover photo: Superman: The Third Kryptonian by Kurt Busiek

Set in the "real world," Superman: Secret Identity examines the life of a young Kansas man with the unfortunate name of Clark Kent. All Clark wants to be is a writer, but his daily life is filled with the taunts and jibes of his peers, comparing him to that other Clark Kent -- the one with super-powers. "Hey Clark, where's your X-ray vision? How come you can't fly?" Until one day when Clark awakens to discover that he can fly, that he does in fact have super-strength! But where did these powers come from and what will he do with them?

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Catwoman: The Long Road Home

cover photo: Catwoman: The Long Road Home by Will Pfeifer

The sexiest, most skillful cat burglar in the Gotham City underworld, Selina Kyle has spent her life prancing along the line between good and evil as the feline fatale, Catwoman. And now that she's back from the Hell Planet seen in SALVATION RUN, Selina's looking to re-sharpen her vigilante claws and make Gotham City her scratching post. A lot has changed since she's been gone, though, and this final volume of the series sees Selina go to war with the other Gotham supervillains. Where will she stand when the smoke clears and what'll happen when her former lover Batman learns she's back on the streets?

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The Flash: Rebirth

cover photo: The Flash: Rebirth by Geoff Johns

The World's Greatest Super Heroes

cover photo: The World's Greatest Super Heroes by Paul Dini

Between 1998 and 2003, Paul Dini, the Emmy Award-winning producer of Batman Beyond and The New Batman/Superman Adventures, joined forces with superstar illustrator Alex Ross (KINGDOM COME) to create six original graphic novels starring The World’s Greatest Super-Heroes: SUPERMAN: PEACE ON EARTH BATMAN: WAR ON CRIME SHAZAM!: POWER OF HOPE WONDER WOMAN: SPIRIT OF TRUTH JLA: SECRET ORIGINS JLA: LIBERTY AND JUSTICE Now, all six of these classic works are back in a new trade paperback in a unique storytelling format that combines aspects of both comics and picture books, printed for the fi rst time at DC’s standard trim size. This spectacular volume includes developmental art and more.

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