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Diabetes in the United States
Kanawha County Public Library Resources
Diabetes Cookbooks
Kanawha County Public Library has many great diabetes cookbooks to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
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Books About Managing Diabetes
Books about managing diabetes available from the Kanawha County Public Library
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WV Deli Diabetes Resources
WV Deli, part of our extensive online collection, also has many ebooks about diabetes.
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Other KCPL Online Resources
Ebsco provides access, with your library card and PIN, to health related magazine articles and scholarly journals.
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About Diabetes
Know Diabetes By Heart - Expert Panel Q&A
Expert panel Q&A. Learn about the link between diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.
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Glossary of Diabetes Terms
See this helpful glossary of Diabetes terms from the American Diabetes Association.
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Who Is At Risk of Getting Diabetes?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provides this helpful resource to help people determine their risk.
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Diabetes Symptoms
See if you have the symptoms commonly associated with diabetes.
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Preventing Diabetes
Learn helpful methods of preventing diabetes from MedlinePlus.
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Diabetes in the Community
Learn with others - WV Health Right
WV Health Right offers classes during the week on managing diabetes.
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Women and Diabetes
Explore issues pertaining to women and diabetes.
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African Americans and Diabetes
African American communities have high rates of diabetes. This resource has resources specifically for African Americans.
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Know Diabetes By Heart - Podcast
Podcast, collaboration of the American Diabetes and American Heart Associations, discussing the link between diabetes and heart disease.
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Living With Diabetes
Managing Diabetes
National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, provides this resource to help you learn how to manage your diabetes.
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Creating New Habits
Change existing habits for better overall health and management of diabetes.
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Know Your Healthcare Team
This resource will help inform you about who should be part of your healthcare team and how they add in treating diabetes
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Stress Can Make Diabetes Symptoms Worse
Learn how to manage and cope with stress.
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A Healthy Lifestyle
Eating Well With Diabetes
Learn how to read package labels and tips for grocery shopping with diabetes.
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Reading Food Labels
Reading food labels can be confusing. This resource from the American Diabetes Association helps make food labels easier to understand.
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Create Your Plate: American Diabetes Association
Learn more about choosing healthy food by creating healthy, balanced meals.
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Choose MyPlate with the USDA
You can sign up for a custom newsletter, which will cater information based on your interests and needs.
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Glycemic Index
Need help understanding Glycemic Index? Check out this handy resource.
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Staying Active
Staying active is an important part of managing diabetes. Learn more ways to stay active.
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